09 Feb

Your candles are precious and so is the investment you spend on them so a little extra information will ensure you not only get the best result every burn, but also your home is safe while using them. 

A few simple steps will below will guide you through the process.

All our candles are made by hand using pure Soya Wax which gives you not only a clean burn but eases your mind to know that you are using the best possible candles for your families health.

Lead Free Wicks are used in all of our candles, along with the best Locally sourced 'Luxaroma' fragrance oils, which are individually sourced using the best local and raw materials available! Burn, relax, inhale, exhale.....enjoy.....!

Trimming the Wick

We have all heard that 'trimming the wicks' are a very important part of having a candle but why? Trimming our wicks ensures the cleanest burn possible and avoids smoke emissions, wick mushrooming (gathering at top of wick which can cause wick debris to fall and may be hazardous) and may also cause debris.


  • Always trim to 6mm prior to lighting
  • Use a wick trimmer which cuts a clean straight edge
  • Remove wick mushrooming prior to re trimming

These simple tips will keep your candle looking beautiful, burning more consistently and keep your environment safe while burning.

Burn Time

To get the maximum burn time out of your new candles I would recommend you burn your candle for one hour for every 2.5cm of diameter of your candle (for your first burn). This will ensure the candle pool will extend to the outer rim of the vessel and will create the candle memory so it burns to the rim every time.

Although burn time may vary due to atmosphere/ conditions, it is very important to stick to a maximum burn time to avoid over burning which could avoid excessive heat build-up and also wick mushrooming.

I would suggest a burn of no more than 3 Hours to avoid any of these problems.

General Safety Tips for Candles

  • Never leave burning candles unattended
  • Keep candles away from draughts, children and pets
  • Place in a well ventilated and safe location (away from electricals)
  • Always trim wick to 6mm
  • Extinguish candles safely (a candle snuffer will do the trick)
  • If wax pools, keep free from foreign matter/ debris
  • Discard any vessels if cracked/ chipped or broken
  • Wipe away any debris/ soot when cool

Final Tip

"When you are finished burning your beautiful candles, the vessels can double up as tea light candle holders or beautiful little indoor pot plants! Win win!"

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