07 Jun

Winter is Here! So it is time to do a little 'Winter' staging or re-vamping. And how you might ask? Read on....

Colour Splash 

Let's start by adding in some warm colours. Changing cushion covers can not only revive your space but can add warmth and bring a new feel to the space. I like to change cushion covers every few weeks, but even changing at the beginning of a new season can add a big impact, add colour and bring warmth to your space.

Throw Rugs

Add a nice throw rug draped over your lounge/ chair in a complimentary colour. I often use oversized winter scarves with big knitted loop piles or shag rugs for a nice contrast.


Beautifully lit soya candles with natural scents add ambience and atmosphere to the space and give off nice calming, relaxing scents that create mood instantly.


A simple change in décor such as replacing a few key pieces and adding in a unique art piece/ print can really change the whole feel of a home. Don't be afraid to experiment with colour. Be brave....Go Big...Be Bold!

Setting the table with different placemats and a nice flower arrangement always adds a decadent touch. 

I love to add more 'fairy lights' scattered outside in Winter! Think 'Atmosphere' ... and Enjoy!

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