This is our Most Opulent and our Largest Hand Poured Soya Wax Candle in the 'Designer Deluxe Collection!'. Sitting at Almost 16cm High and 12 cm Wide. We Pride Ourselves in Creating a Beautiful and Natural Clean Burning Candle. Triple (lead free) Cotton Wicks and Only the finest 'Luxaroma' fragrance Oils Made with Raw Materials and Created in Australia. No Hidden Nasties so you can relax knowing that you are breathing in natural non toxic vapours. NO palm oil. NO animal by- products. This range is perfect for any space in your home and makes gifts. A stunning piece for your dining table, coffee table or kitchen bench! * Follow the candle tips in my blog (and on the card supplied) and this stunning candle will give you around 60 hours+ Burn Time! * All our candles come in a designer candle bag to keep the scent in and protect from dust until you are ready to burn. Great for gift giving too! Indulge your Senses today!